One of the most loving and caring estate planning decisions that an individual can do is to preplan and prefund their funeral arrangements. Whether one chooses a traditional funeral service and burial, or cremation with a memorial service, these details can be documented and decided in a complete preneed arrangement.

It is often difficult to talk about funeral arrangements, but practically speaking, it just makes good sense. Just imagine how difficult it is when your loved ones must make these decisions under emotional stress and time constraints. Talking to your family about your wishes is the most important aspect of pre-planning. It provides peace of mind, for both you and your family. There is no cost for this service. Download a preplaning guide to help you plan your arrangements ahead of time.

Reduce the burden of financial worry, you may decide to pre-pay your funeral costs. If you decide to pre-pay your funds will be invested in a professionally managed interest yielding account that is fully insured. Interest will stay in your account. All monies earned over the cost of your funeral expense will be refunded to your family or estate, at the time of need. If there are not enough funds to cover the service the Funeral Home waives the right to bill the estate for the remainder. The funeral home has the monies due to New York State regulations. This money is yours, not the funeral homes!